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How to debug

DEBUG with local process

  • Credentials

    To run Morphling locally, you must have the access to the kubernetes cluster, the credential is a distributed kube-config cert file.

  • Install CRDs and run Morphling components

    # kube-config cert file

    # install CRDs
    make install

    # install basic components, e.g., PV, mysql-db
    kubectl apply -f manifests/configmap
    kubectl apply -f manifests/pv
    kubectl apply -f manifests/mysql-db
    kubectl apply -f manifests/db-manager

    # run Morphling controller locally
    make run

Troubleshoot with Pod

The followings are the steps to Troubleshoot Morphling using Pod.

  • Check if all components are running successfully: kubectl get deployment -n morphling-system. If succeed, you will see three ready deployments: morphling-controller, morphling-db-manager, and morphling-mysql.

  • Check the Morphling controller logs manually kubectl -n morphling-system logs morphling-controller-XXX for debugging.

  • Check your cluster has enabled Kubernetes DNS service by kubectl get svc -n kube-system kube-dns. See this GitHub Issue for detailed discussion.

  • Check the ClusterRoleBinding to make sure morphling-controller has been granted corresponding authorities by kubectl get ClusterRoleBinding morphling-controller. If you cannot grant Morphling the cluster-scope authorities, you may need to change the ClusterRole to Role in the manifest yaml. See this GitHub Issue for detailed discussion.